SkyHigh Memory MS-2 SLC NAND Flash

SkyHigh Memory MS-2 SLC NAND Flash is offered in 1.8V VCC with an x8 I/O interface. This S34MS16G2 device is a quad-die stack of four S34MS04G2 die. The SkyHigh Memory MS-2 NAND Flash family is offered in 1Gb to 16Gb densities.The family offers products with 1.8V VCC and 1.8V VCCQ power supplies, and x8 or x16 I/O interface.


  • Density
    • 16Gb (4Gb x 4)
  • Architecture (for each 4Gb device)
    • Input / Output Bus Width: 8-bits
    • Page Size: (2048 + 128) bytes; 128-byte spare area
    • Block Size: 64 Pages or (128k + 8k) bytes
    • Plane Size
    • 2048 Blocks per Plane or (256M + 16M) bytes
    • Device Size
    • 2 Planes per Device or 512 Mbyte
  • NAND Flash Interface
    • Open NAND Flash Interface (ONFI) 1.0 compliant
    • Address, Data and Commands multiplexed
  • Supply Voltage
    • 1.8V device VCC = 1.7V ~ 1.95V
  • Security
    • One Time Programmable (OTP) area
    • Serial number (unique ID)
    • Hardware program/erase disabled during power transition
  • Additional Features
    • Supports Multiplane Program and Erase commands
    • Supports Copy Back Program
    • Supports Multiplane Copy Back Program
    • Supports Read Cache
  • Electronic Signature
    • Manufacturer ID 01h
  • Operating Temperature
    • Industrial -40°C to 85°C
  • Page read/program
    • Random access 30µs (Max)
    • Sequential access 45ns (Min)
    • Program time/Multiplane Program time 300µs (Typ)
  • Block Erase/Multiplane Erase
    • Block Erase time 3.5ms (Typ)
  • Reliability
    • 100,000 Program/Erase cycles (Typ) (with 4-bit ECC per 528 bytes)
    • 10-year data retention (Typ)
    • Blocks zero and one are valid and will be valid for at least
    • 1000 program-erase cycles with ECC
  • Package options
    • Lead-free and low halogen
    • 63-ball BGA 9mm x 11mm x 1.2mm

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - SkyHigh Memory MS-2 SLC NAND Flash
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