Microchip Technology ATSAM4L-EK Evaluation Kit

Microchip ATSAM4L-EK Evaluation Kit lets designers quickly evaluate and develop code for applications running on Microchip SAM4L Cortex™-M4 microcontrollers (MCUs). These new Microchip MCUs consume just one-third the power of currently available solutions. Microchip ATSAM4L-EK evaluation board features an embedded debugger, dedicated circuitry to measure the power consumption of your application, LCD, USB, capacitive touch functionality, and more. This ATSAM4L-EK kit also offers expansion headers to plug in Microchip extension boards so you can easily add gyrometers, accelerometers, Wi-Fi, and ZigBee.


  • ATSAM4LC4C Cortex-M4 device
  • Board monitor with OLED color display, power measurement stage for ATSAM4LC4C power, joystick, and five LEDs
  • Segger J-Link OB Module (embedded debugger)
  • QTouch slider and button
  • Segment LCD (4x40)
  • USB host and device
  • Wireless 10-pin interface
  • SPI serial Flash (AT25DF641A)
  • Sensor Xplained support
  • Light sensor
  • Reset push button
  • Audio jack connector
  • User input push button
  • RS485 connector

Evaluation Kit Call-Outs

Microchip Technology ATSAM4L-EK Evaluation Kit

ATSAM4L-EK Block Diagram

Microchip Technology ATSAM4L-EK Evaluation Kit
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