KYOCERA AVX Inter-Digitated Capacitors (IDC)s

KYOCERA AVX Inter-Digitated Capacitors (IDCs) are used on high-speed FPGAs, GPUs, CPUs, ASICs, and ASSPs, as well as high-speed DC/DC converters and point-of-load regulators, because of their exceptionally low parasitic loop inductance. IDCs can be used in both ceramic and organic package substrates, placed on either the bottom side or the top side of the substrate. KYOCERA AVX low-profile (0.55mm maximum height) IDCs are available for placement in height-sensitive applications, such as the bottom side of BGA packages or on the die side of packages under a heat spreader. 

The LxL series offers tin / lead versions of the IDC capacitors.


  • Ultra-low ESL
  • Low profile - available in packages as thin as 0.5mm
  • 100% Sn and SnPb termination options
  • 0.01µF to 3.3µF capacitance range
  • Case sizes: 0306, 0508, 0612


  • Ceramic and organic substrates
  • High frequency switching POL regulators
  • High frequency switching DC/DC converters
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