Carlo Gavazzi EM280 Multi-Channel Power Analyzers

Carlo Gavazzi EM280 Multi-Channel Power Analyzers are for single- or three-phase systems installable on panels or DIN rails. The Carlo Gavazzi EM280 manages current input up to 32A via a 6-channel current transformer block (TCD06BS with split-core or TCD06BX with solid core) connected with RJ-11 connectors. EM280 Power Analyzers are equipped with an LCD display with controls to display measurements and configure the system, an RS485 port, and two pulse outputs or RS485 ports for daisy chain connections. Thanks to the SUM function, EM280 also displays total load consumption values.


  • Reduced installation time and errors
    • Equipped with detachable terminals for all connections
    • Connected to the 6-channel current transformer block with two cables fitted with RJ-11 connectors
    • For connections in a cascade of multiple EM280s, the voltage reference is required once only
  • Granular analysis - provides total measurements or single load measurements (up to 2 three-phase loads or up to 6 single-phase loads)
  • Tamper-proof
    • Configuration access can be locked
    • Terminals and display can be sealed
  • Compact dimensions - uses a compact current transformer block (TCD06BS or TCD06BX) that performs the function of six transformers, observing the standard dimensions of the switches for DIN rails
  • Installation flexibility
    • Can be installed in new or existing single- and three-phase systems
    • Suitable for panel or DIN rail mounting
  • Specific software
    • UCS proprietary configuration software enables rapid configuration and the display of all measurements
    • Software and subsequent updates are free


  • Monitoring of multiple single- or three-phase loads in low-voltage systems
  • New installations with little space available (using transformer block TCD06BX)
  • New installations where more installation flexibility is required (using transformer block TCD06BS)
  • Commercial and industrial environments


  • Protection degree
    • IP40 (front)
    • IP20 (terminals)
  • 100dB noise rejection (CMRR) from 48Hz to 62Hz
  • -25°C to +55°C operating temperature range
  • Up to two three-phase loads or six single-phase loads managed simultaneously
  • Up to 32A input current via 6-channel transformer block TCD06BS or TCD06BX
  • Three installation configurations
    • On DIN rails
    • Mounted on panel of 72mm x 72mm
    • Mounted on panel of 96mm x 96mm (with optional adapter)
  • V, A, W/VA/var, kWh, and kvarh single load measurements
  • W/VA/var, kWh, and kvarh total load measurements
  • 3-digit display of electrical variables
  • 7-digit display of energy meters
  • Accuracy is better than a combination of a class 1 meter and a class 0.5 current transformer
  • Easy connection function
  • Up to 20 EM280s connected in a cascade
  • RS485 port
  • Optional outputs - additional RS485 port for chain connection or two pulse outputs
  • Self-power supply via voltage inputs
  • Detachable terminals and sealable terminal caps
  • Configuration via keypad or UCS configuration software


Chart - Carlo Gavazzi EM280 Multi-Channel Power Analyzers
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