Broadcom HSME-Cx Surface-Mount ChipLEDs

Broadcom HSME-Cx Surface-Mount ChipLEDs feature green, yellow, or yellow-green illumination colors and an integrated optical lens that narrows the viewing angle of the light beam, increasing the on-axis intensity. These ChipLEDs allow effective light coupling into secondary optics such as light guides and light pipes. The devices offer superior performance by utilizing efficient and high-brightness AlInGaP LED materials. These modules are available in a compact industrial-standard footprint. Broadcom HSME-Cx Surface-Mount ChipLEDs are ideal for applications that require a narrow beam angle or high on-axis intensity, such as industrial equipment, consumer electronics, and home appliances.


  • Green, yellow, or yellow-green illumination colors
  • LED with AlInGaP die
  • Narrow viewing angle package with primary lens
  • Surface-mount device with industrial-standard footprint
  • Compatible with reflow soldering
  • Tape in 8mm carrier tape on a 7" diameter reel


  • Backlighting
  • Indicators
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