Broadcom ASCB-RTF2 Tricolor PLCC-4 LED

Broadcom ASCB-RTF2 Tricolor PLCC-4 LED is a high-brightness LED optimized for small pixel pitch displays. The ASCB-RTF2 LED features a black outer appearance with diffused epoxy to enhance display contrast while maintaining high brightness. The ASCB-RTF2 LED features short leads to ease the potting process. To facilitate easy pick and place assembly, the LEDs are packed in tape and reel form.

The Broadcom ASCB-RTF2 Tricolor PLCC-4 LED is offered in a compact 1.7mm x 1.6mm package.


  • PLCC-4 package with full black body
  • Short leads for better potting process
  • Compatible with the reflow soldering process
  • RoHS6 compliant


  • Small pixel pitch displays
  • Outdoor video displays


  • Luminous intensity (Typical)
    • Red: 335mcd
    • Green: 900mcd
    • Blue: 105mcd
  • Dominant wavelength (Typical)
    • Red: 621nm
    • Green: 524nm
    • Blue: 471nm
  • Peak wavelength
    • Red: 629nm
    • Green: 519nm
    • Blue: 468nm
  • 105° viewing angle
  • 100mA peak forward current
  • DC forward current
    • Red: 25mA
    • Green: 20mA
    • Blue: 15mA
  • Power dissipation
    • Red: 60mW
    • Green: 66mW
    • Blue: 49.5mW
  • +100°C LED junction temperature
  • -40°C to +85°C operating temperature range
  • 1.7mm x 1.6mm x 1.6mm package

Package Outline

Mechanical Drawing - Broadcom ASCB-RTF2 Tricolor PLCC-4 LED
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