Broadcom AEDT-981x Encoders

Broadcom AEDT-981x Encoders are industrial-grade, high-temperature (-40°C to +115°C), three-channel optical incremental encoder modules. These devices build on the Broadcom legacy HEDS-9140 series and use developed opto ASIC with the built-in interpolator circuit. AEDT-981x encoders enable a wide resolution range from 2000 to 5000 counts per revolution with the rotary code wheel of 11mm optical radius. This offers a high-resolution solution that is also compact. 

AEDT-981x Encoders current consumption can be significantly lowered (Typ. Icc: 20mA) while maintaining optimal encoder performance across spatial corners with the opto-ASIC's built-in automatic LED brightness regulation technique. This LED brightness control feature also enables optimal LED current control with significantly prolonged LED life. AEDT-981x offers an excellent spatial play of ∅ 0.40mm and code wheel gap range of ±150um with a state-of-the-art optomechanical design. This allows great flexibility and ease of installation. 


  • -40°C to +115°C operating temperature range
  • Two-channel quadrature output with index pulse
  • Single-ended output with ±5mA output sink/source current per channel
  • Suitable for industrial applications
  • Resolution up to 5000 counts per revolution
  • Low power consumption (Typical Icc: 20mA)
  • No signal adjustment required
  • Pin-compatible to legacy HEDS-9xxx Series
  • Spatial play tolerance of ∅ 0.40mm
  • Allows motor shaft axial play of ±0.15mm
  • ESD Immunity HBM 4kV (JESD22-A114D)


  • High-temperature motion control detection
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


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