Brainboxes BB-400 NeuronEdge Industrial Controller

Brainboxes BB-400 NeuronEdge Industrial Controller combines industrial hardware connections with the processing power of a Raspberry Pi Compute module, providing the possibilities of open-source software in a simple retrofit way. The BB-400 NeuronEdge combines IO and serial connectivity with a range of network connections to allow data to flow to the application of the user's choice. The BB-400 uses a Raspberry Pi Compute 3+ module and Arduino to provide edge processing. The Pi is supported by a power management system, including an uninterruptible power supply (UPS). This allows users to develop on Raspberry Pi and deploy seamlessly to the factory floor.

Brainboxes BB-400 NeuronEdge Industrial Controller features multiple hardware interfaces, allowing communication with various equipment and machinery. Ethernet, BLUETOOTH®, IO, Wi-Fi®, NFC, USB, and RS232/422/485 can be used to interface with devices via the BB-400. The device offers the flexibility of PC systems with open-source API programming options for user-friendly integration and customization. Combining insights from machinery of all types and ages can be done through a preferred programming language, such as C# and Python, or visually in Node-RED.


  • Multiple Connections within a compact DIN-mount design
  • Easy-to-use web interface
  • Edge processing with innovative industrialized Raspberry Pi
  • Develop on Pi and deploy seamlessly to industry
  • 8 digital IO lines
  • Works with common 0V to 30V sensors
  • 1 Ethernet port for wider network
  • 1 Ethernet port for LAN network
  • Extendable Wi-Fi antenna
  • Bluetooth for wireless sensors
  • UPS power management - prevents corruption
  • Dual redundant 5VDC to 30VDC power supply
  • Raspberry Pi Compute 3+ module and Arduino processing power
  • Edge processing sends relevant data to application or cloud
  • Highly compatible open-source software
  • Customize with APIs and Docker containers, REST, Websockets, or .NET APIs
  • Program in a favorite language or use out-of-the-box applications


  • Industrial automation
  • Machine status monitoring
  • Industrial IoT
  • Cloud-based control


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Brainboxes BB-400 NeuronEdge Industrial Controller

Application Example

Brainboxes BB-400 NeuronEdge Industrial Controller
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