Bourns PDB185-GTR Guitar Potentiometer

Bourns PDB185-GTR 17mm Guitar Potentiometer with Latching-Push Switch supports the professional audio market and features split knurled or plain shaft options, a DPDT (double-pole, double-throw) latching-push switch, metal bushing and shaft, and a long-life carbon element. PDB185-GTR series offers a variety of resistance values and taper options. This Bourns guitar potentiometer series features standard resistance tolerance of ±20%, a standard resistance range of 10KΩ to 1MΩ, and residual resistance of 2Ω max.


  • Long life carbon element
  • DPDT latching push switch
  • Slotted and split knurled shaft styles
  • Standard and long bushing styles
  • Solder lug and PC pin terminal styles
  • Variety of resistance values and tapers
  • RoHS compliant


  • Electrical
    • Linear, audio taper
    • 10KΩ to 1MΩ standard resistance range
    • ±20% standard resistance tolerance
    • 2Ω max. residual resistance
  • Environmental
    • -10°C to +70°C operating temperature range
    • Power Rating
      • 0.1W linear
      • 0.05W audio
    • Maximum Operating Voltage
      • 150V linear
      • 100V audio
    • 47mV max. sliding noise


Bourns PDB185-GTR Guitar Potentiometer

Switch Circuit

Bourns PDB185-GTR Guitar Potentiometer
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