Bourns PDB08 Micro Rotary Potentiometers

Bourns PDB08 Micro Rotary Potentiometers feature plastic shaft, low profile, center detent, audio, and linear tapers. These rotary potentiometers include a PC-pin layout for board mount and RoHS compliance. The PDB08 potentiometers operate at -10°C to 60°C temperature range and 50V maximum voltage. These rotary potentiometers offer 5Ω maximum resistance, 0.03W power rating, and 100mV maximum sliding noise. Typical applications include professional audio equipment, professional lighting consoles, consumer white goods, test and measurement equipment, communications equipment, and laboratory equipment.


  • Plastic shaft
  • Low profile
  • Center detent
  • Audio and linear tapers
  • PC-pin layout for board mount
  • RoHS compliant


  • -10°C to 60°C operating temperature range
  • 50V maximum operating voltage
  • 5Ω maximum resistance
  • 0.03W power rating
  • 100mV maximum sliding noise
  • 5kΩ to 500kΩ standard resistance range


  • Professional audio equipment
  • Professional lighting consoles
  • Consumer white goods
  • Low/medium risk medical and diagnostic equipment
  • Test and measurement equipment
  • Communications equipment
  • Laboratory equipment
  • Industrial automation controls

Mechanical Drawing

Mechanical Drawing - Bourns PDB08 Micro Rotary Potentiometers
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