Bourns DMS22B Non-Contacting Feedback Rotary Sensor

Bourns DMS22B Non-Contacting Feedback Rotary Sensor with SSI Output offers a 25mA supply current rating, +20VDC overvoltage protection, and 12-bit output resolution. The DMS22B sensor is highly resistant to vibration, shock, and fluid and dust ingress, and has a robust design for industrial applications. This sensor features Hall Effect technology partnered with SSI output and factory programmable electric angle for dependable and consistent operation of up to 50 million shaft revolutions. Bourns DMS22B Non-Contacting Feedback Rotary Sensor is ideal for automated manufacturing robotics, remote communications antenna positioning, and patient platform positioning feedback.


  • Non-contacting magnetic technology
  • Highly resistant to vibration/shock
  • Highly resistant to fluid/dust ingress
  • Programmable at factory for zero position
  • Robust design for industrial applications
  • Highly repeatable


  • Patient platform positioning feedback
  • Pneumatic control valve position feedback
  • Draw wire position sensors
  • Remote communications antenna positioning
  • Actuator motor position feedback
  • Automated manufacturing robotics
  • Tilt control and tilt positioning feedback
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