Bourns PDB241-GNL "No Load" Guitar Potentiometers

Bourns PDB241-GNL "No Load" Guitar Potentiometers are constructed from a carbon element and are available in plain or knurled shaft options. These potentiometers feature standard resistance of 10KΩ to 1MΩ, the power rating is of 0.25W, and detent at "no-load" position. Bourns PDB241-GNL Guitar Potentiometers offer operating temperature ranges from -10ºC to 70º C and maximum operating voltage up to 250V.


  • Carbon element
  • Plain or knurled shaft option
  • Metal bushing
  • Metal shaft
  • Rear solder lugs
  • Audio or linear taper options
  • Variety of resistance values
  • Detent at "no-load" position
  • RoHS compliant
  • ±20% standard resistance tolerance
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