B&K Precision MDL Modular Programmable DC Load System

B&K MDL Modular Programmable DC Load System is a multi-channel modular electronic load system comprised of six unique power modules ranging from 200W to 600W. The high-performance electronic load modules of the MDL system are capable of operating in constant current (CC), constant voltage (CV), constant resistance (CR), constant power (CW), and constant impedance (CZ) mode, which uses DSP technology to simulate non-linear loads and realistic loading behavior. The modules can be used in any arrangement in the MDL four-slot mainframe to test a wide range of power sources from multi-output AC/DC power supplies to batteries, fuel cells, and photovoltaic arrays. The MDL system also provides 16-bit resolution as well as numerous protection modes and a power-on system self-test to ensure test reliability.

The series features dynamic loading speeds up to 25kHz, parallel module synchronization, adjustable slew rates, and constant mode. The MDL series is suitable for a variety of applications including automotive, solar, and electronics manufacturing.


  • Power range up to 2400W
  • Voltage range up to 500V
  • Current range up to 120A
  • CC/CV/CR/CW/CZ operating modes
  • Removable modules for easy system configurability
  • Support for up to 16 channels with mainframe extension
  • Operate identical modules in parallel mode for high current applications
  • Synchronous Load on/off function
  • Standard LAN, GPIB, USB, and RS-232 interfaces with USBTMC/SCPI protocol support
  • Analog current control and monitoring
  • Transient mode up to 25kHz
  • List mode (sequence mode) - minimum 20μs step width with 84 user programmable steps
  • Adjustable slew rate in CC mode
  • 16-bit voltage and current measurement system providing high resolution of 0.1mV and 0.01mA
  • Automatic test function
  • 101 memory locations to save/recall setting parameters
  • Remote sense
  • OVP/OCP/OPP/OTP and reverse voltage protection

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