Bend Labs 2-Axis Flexible Sensor

Bend Labs 2-Axis Flexible Sensor features a 1.8 to 3.63V voltage range, 78µA power consumption rating, and a life cycle of 1 million. This 2-Axis Sensor provides a differential capacitance measurement that is linearly proportional to the angular displacement of the sensor in two orthogonal planes. Bend Labs 2-Axis Flexible Soft Sensor offers a convenient I2C interface with onboard calibration and bootloader.

Note: The product is not licensed to end-users for use in AR/VR applications.

Bend Labs Bidirectional Flex Sensor Evaluation Kit comes with a battery and one BLE module that can plug into both 1- and 2-axis sensors.
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  • 1.8 to 3.63V voltage
  • I2C output 
  • Power consumption at 3.3V
    • 243uA at 100Hz
    • Active run down to 97uA
    • 1.7uA suspended
    • 50nA shutdown
  • Power consumption at 1.8V
    • 223uA at 100Hz
    • Active run down to 78uA
    • 1.7uA suspended
    • 55nA shutdown
  • 100mm x 4mm x 4mm dimensions
  • >1M life cycles


Chart - Bend Labs 2-Axis Flexible Sensor


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