Bend Labs 1-Axis Flex Sensor Evaluation Kit

Bend Labs 1-Axis Flex Sensor Evaluation Kit offers a low-power integrated analog front-end with an I2C interface, providing angular data in degrees. The flexible single-axis bidirectional sensor measures one angle for 2D orientation and creates a high-fidelity measurement of angular displacement. Bend Labs 1-Axis Evaluation Kit features a stackable Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) module that comes preloaded with firmware that connects to the Android Bendlabs Sensor Demo app.

Note: The product is not licensed to end-users for use in AR/VR applications.

Bend Labs Bidirectional Flex Sensor Evaluation Kit comes with a battery and one BLE module that can plug into both 1- and 2-axis sensors.

Kit Contents

  • Flexible single-axis bidirectional sensor
  • Low-power integrated analog front-end
  • Stackable BLE module


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