Arduino Portenta Vision Shield

Arduino Portenta Vision Shield brings industry-rated features to the Arduino Portenta. The shield is a hardware add-on that runs embedded computer vision applications. It can connect wirelessly or via Ethernet to the Arduino Cloud or an infrastructure, and activate the system with the detection of sound events.


  • 324x324 pixels camera sensor: use one of the cores in Portenta to run image recognition algorithms using the OpenMV for Arduino editor
  • 100Mbps Ethernet connector: get your Portenta H7 connected to the wired Internet
  • Two onboard microphones for directional sound detection: capture and analyze sound in real-time
  • JTAG connector: perform low-level debugging of your Portenta board or special firmware updates using an external programmer
  • SD-Card connector: store your captured data in the card, or read configuration files
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