Aptiv CTCS Automotive Connectors

Aptiv CTCS Connectors and CTS terminals are designed to meet the demanding requirements of commercial and heavy-duty applications. These connectors address new emission regulations for environmentally friendly vehicles. The CTCS series serves as a reliable backbone to all vehicle electronics, including powertrain, safety, entertainment, and telematics. The CTCS connector family consists of three series (SP, XP, and Unsealed) to address a wide range of market needs.


  • Terminal flexibility: interchangeable with other industry terminals, cross-mating capability
  • Improved vibration resistance with up to 30G sine, 20Grms random 330 hrs./axis and robust backshells
  • High-temperature ratings up to 140°C
  • Superior environmental protection due to an additional connector shielding for protection against debris ingress


  • Chassis
  • Engine compartment
  • On-engine

Specifications Overview

Aptiv CTCS Automotive Connectors
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