Apex Tool Group 9400PKS Soldering Gun Kits

Apex Tool Group 9400PKS Soldering Gun Kits include the 9400PKS soldering gun, a hex wrench, and three tips (soldering, cutting, and smoothing). The 9400PKS soldering gun heats up in six seconds and uses a balanced housing to reduce hand fatigue. The 9400PKS features a dual power trigger (140W/100W) and comes with a seven-year warranty.

Three LEDs are built into the gun to light up the soldering area without casting the tip shadow left by most single-LED soldering guns. A pivoting ball guard protects the gun's power cable from twisting, ensuring a long lifespan. The gun's grip is ergonomic, non-slip, and stores the hex wrench for swapping out the soldering tips. The grip foot is rounded, allowing users to stabilize the gun while rocking it back and forth if needed during soldering. The heavy-duty nature of the Apex Tool Group 9400PKS Soldering Gun Kit makes it ideal for heat sinks, ground planes, metal art, and plumbing.


  • Six-second heat-up time
  • Three-LED, shadow-free lighting system
  • Heavy-duty
  • Ergonomic, non-slip grip
  • Soft, non-slip grip surface
  • Balanced housing with safe, ergonomic design
  • Pivoting ball cord guard
  • Dual power trigger (140W/100W)
  • Three different tip types
  • 7-year warranty


  • Heat sinks
  • Ground plane
  • Metal art
  • Plumbing


  • 11.8" x 10.8" x 2.6" (LxWxH)
  • 120V input voltage
  • 140W/100W power
  • Operable up to +900°F / +482°C

Included Tips

Apex Tool Group 9400PKS Soldering Gun Kits
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