Antenova SR41052 Velox Antenna

Antenova SR41052 Velox Antenna is engineered specifically for 868/915 industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) applications that require a compact, robust solution. These antennas use a ground plane on the host PCB and an external matching circuit for device optimization. The surface-mount module features a low-profile design and covers an 863MHz to 928MHz frequency band. Antenova SR41052 Velox Antenna has an automotive-grade temperature range from -40°C to +140°C. Applications include ISM, agriculture and environment, remote monitoring, smart meters, network devices, manufacturing automation, consumer tracking, and other M2M.


  • For 868/915 ISM applications
  • 863MHz to 928MHz frequency range
  • SMD mounting type
  • 50Ω impedance with matching
  • Linear polarization
  • Compact with a low profile
  • 35.0mm x 8.0mm x 0.9mm dimensions
  • Supplied in tape and reel
  • -40°C to +140°C operating temperature (automotive grade)


  • Manufacturing automation
  • Smart meters
  • ISM
  • Agriculture and environment
  • Remote monitoring
  • Network devices
  • Consumer tracking
  • M2M

RF Performance

Antenova SR41052 Velox Antenna
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