Analog Devices / Maxim Integrated MAX22290 & MAX22291 Two-Channel Digital Isolators

Analog Devices MAX22290 and MAX22291 Two-Channel Digital Isolators are a family of fast, low-power digital galvanic isolators using proprietary process technology. All devices feature reinforced isolation for a withstand voltage rating of 3kVRMS for 60 seconds. Both automotive and general-purpose devices are rated for operation at ambient temperatures of -40°C to +125°C. The parts with a /V suffix are AEC-Q100 qualified.

These devices transfer digital signals between circuits with different power domains, using as little as 0.78mW per channel at 1Mbps (1.8V supply). The low-power feature reduces system dissipation, increases reliability, and enables compact designs. The devices are available with a maximum data rate of 25Mbps or 200Mbps, and with outputs that are either default high or default low. Each device features low propagation delay and low clock jitter, which reduces system latency. Independent 1.71V to 5.5V supplies on each side of the isolator make the devices suitable for level translators.

The Analog Devices MAX22290 features two channels transferring data in the same direction. The two channels of the MAX22291 transfer data in opposite directions, making the MAX22291 ideal for isolating the Tx and Rx lines of a transceiver.


  • AEC-Q100 qualification for /V devices
  • Reinforced galvanic isolation for digital signals
    • 8-SOIC with 4mm of creepage and clearance
    • Withstands 3kVRMS for 60s (VISO)
    • Continuously withstands 445VRMS (VIOWM)
    • Withstands ±10kV surge between GNDA and GNDB with 1.2/50µs waveform
    • High CMTI (50kV/µs, typ.)
  • Low power consumption
    • 0.78mW per channel at 1Mbps with VDD_ = 1.8V
    • 1.47mW per channel at 1Mbps with VDD_ = 3.3V
    • 3.28mW per channel at 100Mbps with VDD_ = 1.8V
  • Low propagation delay and low jitter
    • Up to 200Mbps maximum data rate
    • Low propagation delay 7ns (typ.) at VDD_ = 3.3V
    • Clock jitter RMS 7.5ps (typ.)
  • Safety regulatory approvals
    • UL, according to UL1577
    • cUL, according to CSA Bulletin 5A
    • VDE 0884-11 reinforced insulation (pending)


  • Automotive
    • Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV)
    • Chargers
    • Battery Management Systems (BMS)
    • Inverters
  • Industrial
    • Isolated SPI
    • Isolated RS-232, RS-485/RS-422, CAN
    • Fieldbus communications
    • Motor drive

Functional Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices / Maxim Integrated MAX22290 & MAX22291 Two-Channel Digital Isolators
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