Analog Devices Inc. PMBus Power System Managers

Analog Devices Inc. LTC2977, LTC2975, LTC2980, LTM2987 PMBus Power System Managers can be powered from 3.3V, or 4.5V to 15V. The PMBus managers are designed to margin, supervise, sequence, and trim 4, 8, and 16-channel power supplies. Supply disturbances are minimized for DACs using a proprietary soft-connect algorithm. Overvoltage and undervoltage threshold limits for power supply output and input channels are some of the supervisory functions included. When monitoring microprocessor activity for a stalled condition the watchdog timer resets the microprocessor if necessary. No additional software is needed with autonomous operation supported by configuration EEPROM.


  • Sequence, trim, margin, and supervise 4, 8, or 16 power supplies
  • Manage faults, monitor telemetry, and create fault logs
  • PMBus™ compliant command set
  • Supported by LTpowerPlay® GUI
  • Margin or trim supplies to within 0.25% of the target
  • Fast OV/UV supervisors per channel
  • Coordinate sequencing and fault management across multiple LTC PSM devices
  • Automatic fault logging to internal EEPROM
  • Operate autonomously without additional software
  • I2C/SMBus serial interface
  • Can be powered from 3.3V, or 4.5V to 15V
  • Programmable watchdog timer


  • Computers and network servers
  • Industrial test and measurement
  • High-reliability systems
  • Video and medical imaging

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