Analog Devices Inc. LTM8049 Inverting μModule® DC/DC Converter

Analog Devices Inc. LTM8049 Inverting μModule® DC/DC Converters are power modules with two outputs that can be configured as a SEPIC or inverting converter. The LTM8049 package includes power devices, inductors, control circuitry, and passive components. All that is needed to complete the design are input and output caps and small resistors to set the output voltages and switching frequency. Other components may be used to control the soft-start and undervoltage lockout.


  • Two complete switch-mode power supplies
  • SEPIC or inverting topology
  • 2.6V to 20V input voltage range
  • 2.5V to 24V or –2.5V to –24V output voltage
  • 1A at 5VOUT from 12VIN
  • 200kHz to 2.5MHz selectable switching frequency
  • Power good outputs for event-based sequencing
  • User configurable undervoltage lockout
  • (e4) RoHS compliant package with gold pad finish
  • Low profile 15mm x 9mm x 2.42mm surface mount BGA package


  • Battery-powered regulators
  • Local negative voltage regulators
  • Low noise amplifier power

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Typically Application Circuit

Analog Devices Inc. LTM8049 Inverting μModule® DC/DC Converter
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