Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-ADIN1100 Evaluation Board

Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-ADIN1100 Evaluation Board provides a flexible platform to quickly evaluate the ADIN1100 robust, low-power 10BASE-T1L PHY. The EVAL-ADIN1100 Board features 10Mbps single pair Ethernet (SPE) connections with devices across 1.7km of cable.

The EVAL-ADIN1100 Board's flexible platform supports two modes of operation. Using the ADIN1100 GUI software, connected to a PC via USB port, the full set of ADIN1100 register settings and features such as link quality monitoring and diagnostics can be accessed.

Alternatively, the board can operate in a stand-alone mode where it is configured by setting hardware configuration links and switches. On-board LEDs provide a status indication.

The platform performs as a 10BASE-T1L to 10BASE-T media converter, enabling connection to other devices (demonstration boards or custom prototypes) with a 10BASE-T1L Ethernet port and converting the data to standard Ethernet, which is accessible via the RJ45 connector.


  • User-friendly access to all ADIN1100 features
  • (GUI) software on PC or standalone hardware configured operation
  • Flexible power supplies and prototyping options
  • On-board ARM Cortex-M ADuCM4050 microcontroller
  • 10BASE-T1L to a 10BASE-T media converter

Kit Contents

  • EVAL-ADIN1100EBZ board
  • 2x plug-in screw-terminal connectors for 10BASE-T1L cable and external power supply
  • Category 5e Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors (1 meter)
  • USB-A to Micro USB-B Cable (1 meter)

Required Equipment

  • Link partner with 10BASE-T1L interface
  • 10BASE-T1L compatible single pair cable (1.5mm2 maximum, 16 American wire gauge (AWG) to fit screw terminal connector)
  • Power supply source: 5V dc to 32V dc, 0.6W, or USB as power for the board
  • Optional Link partner with standard RJ45 Ethernet interface, auto-negotiation resolving to 10BASE-T full duplex
  • Optional PC running Windows® 7 (or later version) with USB interface


Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-ADIN1100 Evaluation Board

Front & Back View

Analog Devices Inc. EVAL-ADIN1100 Evaluation Board
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