Analog Devices Inc. EV1HMC8342LS6 Evaluation Board

Analog Devices Inc. EV1HMC8342LS6 Evaluation Board is a demonstration and development platform for the HMC8342 x2 Active Broadband Frequency Multiplier. The HMC8342 is a GaAs (Gallium Arsenide) MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) designed to provide 15dBm typical output power when driven by a 5dBm signal. The output frequency range is from 22GHz to 42GHz, and the input fundamental and third harmonic isolations measured at the output are -23dBc and -20dBc at an output frequency of 30GHz. The HMC8342 is ideal for use in LO multiplier chains for point-to-point and VSAT radios, resulting in a reduced parts count compared to traditional designs.

The Analog Devices Inc. EV1HMC8342LS6 Evaluation Board includes a pre-mounted HMC8342 in a 16-terminal Ceramic Leadless Chip Carrier (CLCC) package. The Evaluation Board also has two 2.92mm K-connectors for 50Ω RF input and RF output. There is also a calibration path for calibrating PCB trace delays at the RF input and output. The Evaluation Board provides an example application circuit, allowing rapid prototyping when incorporated into existing designs.


  • Self-contained board with a pre-mounted HMC8342 x2 Active Broadband Frequency Multiplier
  • Externally powered by a 5.0V supply
  • Controlled by two -2.0V power supplies
  • 2x 50Ω K-connectors for RFIN and RFOUT

Required Equipment

  • Low-noise 5.0V power supply
  • 2x low-noise variable -2.0V power supplies
  • Frequency generator
  • Spectrum analyzer
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