Analog Devices Inc. EV-AD4020REFDGNZ Reference Design Board

Analog Devices Inc. EV-AD4020REFDGNZ Reference Design Board integrates a unique ADI programmable gain instrumentation amplifier (PGIA). The EV-AD4020-REF-DGNZ is optimized for 20-bit precision and provides superior linearity. The Board offers a typical integral nonlinearity (INL) of ±2ppm, low offset/gain, error drift, and trackable noise. Furthermore, the Reference Board features distortion (over -115dB) performance at a full speed of 1.8MSPS for all gain options.

The Reference Design Board incorporates a 20-bit, 1.8MSPS, successive approximation register (SAR) analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a 5V reference, a reference buffer, and onboard power supply circuitry. The EV-AD4020-REF-DGNZ is ideal for use in high-end data acquisition instruments, and automated test equipment applications that typically require high input impedance.

The EV-AD4020-REF-DGNZ Board is compatible with the ADI EVAL-SDPCH1Z system demonstration platform (SDP-H1) controller board and interfaces to the SDP-H1 controller board via a 120-pin connector.


  • 20-bit, high accuracy data acquisition reference design board
  • Versatile analog signal conditioning circuitry
  • On-board reference, reference buffers, and ADC drivers
  • PC software for control and data analysis of time and frequency domain, including INL and DNL capability
  • Software programmable gain options (1, 2, 5, and 10)
  • Single-ended and fully differential bipolar input ranges: ±10V to ±1V
  • Active filtering and over ranging option
  • Averaging capability (102dB at 900kSPS)
  • Compatible with the SDP-H1 controller board

Kit Contents

  • EV-AD4020-REF-DGNZ reference design board
  • 12V wall adapter power supply
  • Standard USB A to mini B USB cable

Required Equipment

  • SDP-H1 controller board
  • High precision signal source
  • Cable with SMA input to evaluation board
  • PC running Windows® operating system
  • Band-pass filter suitable for 20-bit testing (value based on signal frequency)

Simplified Evaluation Board Block Diagram

Block Diagram - Analog Devices Inc. EV-AD4020REFDGNZ Reference Design Board

Board Layout

Location Circuit - Analog Devices Inc. EV-AD4020REFDGNZ Reference Design Board
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