Analog Devices Inc. ADIS1647x Precision Mini Industrial IMUs

Analog Devices ADIS1647x Precision Mini Industrial IMUs provide a simple method of integrating a complete inertial system into industrial and Internet of Moving Things applications. The ADIS1647x Mini Industrial IMUs offer six-degree-of-freedom sensing using triple-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes housed in a small, standard surface-mount assembly package. Each of the ADIS1647x inertial sensors incorporates industry-leading iMEMS® technology and signal conditioning to optimize dynamic performance. Developed to meet the navigation- and safety-related demands of the Industrial "Internet of Moving Things", the ADIS1647x sensors are 100% tested and factory calibrated for sensitivity, bias, alignment, and linear acceleration (gyroscope bias). As a result, each sensor has its own dynamic compensation formulas for accurate sensor measurements. Implementing the ADIS1647x Precision Mini Industrial IMUs enable industrial systems to deliver highly precise navigation, guidance, and/or instrument stabilization regardless of wind, turbulence, vibration, temperature, and other environmental disturbances. ADIS1647x’s SPI and register structure provide a simple interface for data collection and configuration control.


  • High-performance IMUs in a small surface-mount package
    • 11mm x 15mm BGA package
  • Offers six-degree-of-freedom inertial sensing using triple-axis accelerometers and gyroscopes
  • Factory calibration guarantees the best performance and eliminates the need for added system tests/calibration
  • Embedded dynamic compensation and programmable operation and control
  • Wide bandwidth and wide dynamic range to support a high dynamic motion
  • Programmable internal filtering options
  • Serial peripheral interface (SPI) compatible


  • Navigation, stabilization, and instrumentation
  • Unmanned and autonomous vehicles
  • Smart agriculture and construction machinery
  • Optical devices, antennas, and cameras
  • Factory/industrial automation, robotics
  • Virtual/augmented reality
  • Internet of Moving Things


  • All condition stability
    • 0.010dps/g linear vibration rejection
    • 2000g powered shock survivability
    • Highly stable over a temperature range of -40°C to +105°C
    • Wide bandwidth:
      • Gyroscope: 550Hz
      • Accelerometer: 600Hz
    • Wide dynamic range:
      • Gyroscope: Up to 2000dps
      • Accelerometer: Up to 40g
  • High-performance inertial sensing capabilities
    • Noise: <0.003°/s/√Hz, 23μg/rt-Hz
    • 0.15°/rt-hr angular random walk
    • 0.012 rn/sec/rt-hr velocity random walk
    • Cross-axis alignment: 0.17%
    • Single-supply operation: 3V to 3.6V

Family Summary

Chart - Analog Devices Inc. ADIS1647x Precision Mini Industrial IMUs
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