ams OSRAM TSL2540 Ambient Light Sensor Converters

ams OSRAM TSL2540 Ambient Light Sensor Light-to-Digital Converters transform light intensity into a digital signal output capable of direct I2C interface. The high-sensitivity sensor features two output channels, a visible channel, and an infrared channel. The converter's visible channel has a photodiode with ultraviolet and IR-blocking filters. The sensor's channels have a dedicated data converter that produces a 16-bit output, allowing applications to accurately measure ambient light. This feature enables devices to calculate illuminance to control a display backlight.


  • Integrated on-chip photopic filter
  • High sensitivity down to mLux levels
  • 0.18µm process technology with 1.8V I2C
  • Automatic AUTO Zero/Dark Count control
  • I2C fast-mode interface compatible
  • Visible output channel and infrared channel
  • Ultraviolet/infrared blocking filter
  • Programmable gain and integration time
  • Photopic ambient light sense (ALS)
  • -30°C to + 85°C operating temperature range
  • 2mm x 2mm x 0.5mm dimensions
  • Accurate ambient light sensing
  • Reduced power consumption


  • Ambient light sensing
  • Display backlight control

Block Diagram

Block Diagram - ams OSRAM TSL2540 Ambient Light Sensor Converters


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