Amphenol Communications Solutions microSD Express Connector

Amphenol Communications Solutions microSD Express Connector offers card sockets for both microSD Express and Micro SD cards (UHS-I). The 17-pin microSD Express Connector is capable of achieving high speeds up to 985MB/s and meeting PCIe® 3.0 requirements. The connector enables the microSD Express platform to reach its full potential by making the microSD Express card able to serve as a removable Solid State Drive (SSD). This platform is ideal for high-resolution content, speed-hungry mobile computing, and IoT devices.


  • 17-pin connector design supports next-generation performance
  • Dedicated pin for card detect function
  • Data transfer speed of up to 8GT/s
  • High durability with up to 5000 mating cycles
  • Backward compatible with the legacy Micro SD card (UHS-I)
  • Robust mating mechanism ensures a reliable connection
  • Lead-free, halogen-free, and RoHS compliant


  • Mobile phone
  • Tablets
  • Virtual reality cameras
  • Augmented reality cameras
  • Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)
  • IoT devices
  • Mobile computing devices
  • Surveillance cameras


  • Materials
    • High-temperature thermoplastic housing, black, UL94V-0
    • Corson alloy contact
    • Stainless steel shell
  • Electrical
    • 100mΩ maximum contact resistance
    • 500VAC maximum withstanding voltage (1 minute)
    • 1000mΩ minimum insulation resistance
    • 0.5A AC/DC maximum current rating
    • 100Vrms minimum voltage rating
  • Mechanical
    • 5000 mating cycle durability
    • 30gf/pin normal force (minimum)
  • Environmental
    • -25°C to +85°C operating temperature range
    • 95% maximum relative humidity
    • -40°C to +85°C storage temperature range
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