Amphenol Advanced Sensors Harsh Environment NTC Type CR-1 Chip Thermistors

Amphenol Advanced Sensors NTC Type CR-1 Chip Thermistors are ideal for harsh environments and high volume assembly. These devices incorporate NK format NTC chip thermistors consisting of (Sn) tin-coated (Sn) Alloy 52 leads with a high-performance acid and moisture resistant coating. The coating offers a unique combination of properties that can be used in applications where moisture, high temperatures, or chemicals can damage other thermistor coatings. Amphenol NTC Type CR-1 Chip Thermistors offer performance up to 190°C with excellent stability, high thermal shock resistance, small body diameter, and a fast response time.


  • Performance up to 190°C with excellent stability
  • High thermal shock resistance
  • Small body diameter
  • Fast response
  • Designed for accurate temperature measurement, control, and compensation
  • Harsh environment fluid-resistance
  • Water immersion, silver migration resistance
  • Flexible-coated leads can be easily formed
  • Insulation resistance to 1kV DC
  • Tight tolerances on resistance and B value
  • AEC Q200 Rev D qualified (Material 4A Types)
  • Available on bandolier to IEC 286-2RoHS 2011/65/EC / REACH compliant


  • Automotive
  • HVAC
  • Batteries
  • White goods
  • Aerospace
  • Marine
  • Military
  • Industrial
  • Healthcare
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