Advanced Energy Thyro-A Thyristor Power Controllers

Advanced Energy Thyro-A Thyristor Power Controllers can be used wherever alternating voltages/currents or outputs in thermal process technology need to be controlled. These communication-capable thyristor power controllers feature a number of control and regulation modes and can be easily connected to process and automation technology with high accuracy. The Advanced Energy Thyro-A series uses an integrated semiconductor fuse, channel separation, analog output, and load current monitoring, as well as a soft start function for transfomer loads. Users can trigger these power controllers with an analog setpoint via PC or an optional bus adapter.


  • Integrated semiconductor fuse
  • Type range 230-600Vs, 16-1500A, single phase, two-phase and three phase
  • Additional electronic supply, therefore also operation with mains voltages up to 0.43 x Unom possible (only...HRL 1 and ...H RLP1)
  • Ohmic load and transformer load, as well as load with high Rwarm /Rcold (≤6) peak current limitation of 3 x Inom (only ...H RL1 and ...H RLP1) in operating mode VAR
  • Soft start function for transformer load
  • Channel separation, necessary with counter voltage
  • Load current monitoring (select models)
  • Signaling relay (select models)
  • Analog output (select models)
  • Control modes U, U2; with ...H RL1 additional I, I2, with ...H RLP1 additional P
  • Operating modes TAKT, VAR, and QTM (with Thyro-A 1A)
  • Synchronization option (for TAKT: with Thyro-Power Manager, for QTM: with internal mains load optimization)
  • Triggering with analog setpoint via PC or optional bus adapter
  • System interface standard
  • Safe isolation in acc. with EN 50178 ch. 3
  • UL approval (for standard devices 16 – 350A, 495-1500A in preparation)
  • Connection for optional visualization and commissioning software Thyro-Tool Family (via PC-Interface RS232)

Naming Convention

Advanced Energy Thyro-A Thyristor Power Controllers
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