Adafruit ST25DV16K I2C RFID EEPROM Breakout

Adafruit ST25DV16K I2C RFID EEPROM Breakout is a unique RFID tag that works with mobile phones and is reprogrammable over I2C. This RFID is based on ISO/IEC 15693 (13.56MHz) contactless interface standard that is helpful when a tag is re-written dynamically when connected to a controller. The ST25DV16K can also be used as I2C to RFID transfer system to wirelessly send and receive data from mobile devices. The breakout provides an ST25DV04 chip that supports circuitry and a PCB trace antenna for easy connections.


  • Fast data transfer between I2C and RF interfaces
  • 40 years of data retention
  • 16kbps of EEPROM
  • ISO/IEC 15693 based contactless interface
  • Analog output pin to power external components
  • 1.8V to 5.5V supply voltage range
  • 31.7mm x 25.3mm x 4.6mm dimensions
  • Two-wire I2C serial interface supports 1MHz protocol
  • 28.5pF internal tuning capacitor
  • Up to 53kbps of custom fast read access
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