Adafruit GEMMA Sequin Starter Pack

Adafruit GEMMA Sequin Starter Pack is a wearable kit that helps to add light to garments or accessories and get started with sewing electronics. This starter pack comes with thread, needles, a holder for two CR2032 coin cell batteries, a GEMMA sewable microcontroller, and warm white Adafruit LED Sequins. The GEMMA V2 is a tiny wearable platform board in a 1-inch diameter package which helps to realize any wearable project.

Kit Contents

  • Set of 20 needles
  • 2 ply 23m stainless thin conductive thread
  • 2 x 2032 coin cell battery holder
  • Adafruit GEMMA V2 miniature wearable electronic platform
  • Pack of five Adafruit warm white LED sequins


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Adafruit GEMMA Sequin Starter Pack
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