Adafruit 4520 1.3" 240 x 240 Wide Angle IPS TFT Display

Adafruit 4520 1.3" 240 x 240 Wide-Angle IPS TFT Display is a 16-bit full-color pixel display that looks great up to 80-degrees off-axis in any direction. The display supports the ST7789 TFT driver which is similar to the popular ST7735. This device is just a TFT display module and no PCB is included. The IPS TFT display is RoHS 2 compliant and comes with 26mm x 26mm of screen dimension.


  • 16-bit full-color pixel display
  • Supports the ST7789 TFT driver
  • No PCB is included
  • 26mm x 26mm screen dimensions
  • RoHS 2 compliant


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