Adafruit 2024 12x Capacitive Touch Shield

Adafruit 2024 12x Capacitive Touch Shield for Arduino MPR121 allo9ws users to easily add touch sensors to any Arduino-based design. The Capacitive Touch Shield incorporates 12 figure-8 holes, which can be gripped with alligator clip cables. The 2Capacitive Touch Shield works great with any Arduino, as it only uses the I2C pins (SCL and SDA). This Capacitive Touch Shield is based on the NXP Semiconductors MPR121 Proximity Capacitive Touch Sensor Controller. The 2024 Capacitive Touch Shield can be paired with the Music Maker Shield to create an audio player that will play a sound per sensor.


  • 12 capacitive touch sensors
  • Compatible with Arduino Leonardo
  • Compatible with Music Maker shield
  • 53mm x 68mm x 2mm PCB dimensions


เผยแพร่แล้ว: 2561-07-18 | อัปเดตแล้ว: 2565-09-15