Abracon ASPIAIG AEC-Q200 Molded SMD Power Inductors

Abracon ASPIAIG AEC-Q200 Molded SMD Power Inductors are high power density automotive-grade inductors designed to meet the performance, reliability, and cost needs of the most challenging design-constrained applications in the automotive and industrial markets. Superior EMI shielding features prevent interference and disruption to neighboring circuitry in low-profile package sizes. Utilizing a metal alloy construction and round wire coil technology, Abracon’s ASPIAIG automotive inductors offer high current ratings in compact sizes. This selection of inductors can service most high-reliability DC/DC conversion topologies with superior power densities and efficiencies.


  • PPAP ready and supported
  • TS16949 certified production lines
  • AEC-200 Grade 0 qualified
  • Shielded construction
  • PCB mounting
  • SMD termination style
  • Soft saturation
  • Low DCR and high efficiency
  • MSL Level 1
  • RoHS and RoHS II comliant


  • Body electronics and comfort system
  • Infotainment and entertainment
  • Electric vehicles
  • Lighting
  • Solar inverters and power
  • Industrial and robotics
  • Medium and high power switch mode power supplies


  • 0.16µH to 8.2µH inductance range
  • 5A to 35A maximum DC current range
  • 1.5mΩ to 48.7mΩ maximum DC resistance range
  • 5.4A to 58A saturation current range
  • -55°C to +155°C temperature range
  • 100kHz test frequency
  • 20% tolerance
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