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Every day, electronic devices are becoming smarter by delivering greater integration along with increased connectivity. At Analog Devices / Maxim Integrated, we’re solving engineering problems and empowering design innovation, offering innovative and high-performance analog and mixed-signal products and technologies that make systems smaller and smarter, with enhanced security and increased energy efficiency.

From our sensor platforms to our IC solutions for embedded security, power management, interface, communications and much more, our technologies empower All Things IoT for a multi-cloud world. Explore some examples of leading Maxim products engineered for IoT application development:

From smart cities to factories (IIoT) or smart agriculture to connected cars, connectors help bring these IoT applications and others together. Take a look at these innovative connectivity solutions.

MAX14828 IO-Link Device Transceiver

MAX14828 IO-Link Device Transceiver integrates high-voltage functions in industrial sensors and has one ultralow-power driver (C/Q) with active reverse-polarity protection.

MAX7037 Sub-1GHz Ultralow-Power RF ISM Transceiver

MAX7037 Sub-1GHz Ultralow-Power RF ISM Transceiver is a high-performance quad-band multichannel transceiver with an integrated 8051 microcontroller, flash memory, and sensor interface.

IoT, combined with the green energy trend, demands that small devices operate autonomously for long periods of time while consuming little power. Also, the surge of portable IoT devices has created a need for multiple customized versions of voltage regulators. Check out these products to power up all your IoT innovations.

MAX77752 Multi-Channel Power Management IC

MAX77752 Multi-Channel Power Management IC is a highly-integrated solution with three step-down converters.

MAXM17532 Step-Down DC/DC Power Module

MAXM17532 Step-Down DC/DC Power Module integrates a controller, MOSFETs, inductor, and the compensation components all in a compact micro-SLIC package.

Low-power MCUs, System on Chip (SoCs) and Single-Board Computers (SBCs) are essential for developing smarter sensor nodes featuring pre-certified connectivity and peripherals in a secure, compact form factor. For your next design, be sure to consider these processor options.

MAX32652 Ultralow Power Microcontrollers

MAX32652 Ultralow Power Microcontrollers are designed for high-performance, battery-powered applications.

MAX32660 Arm® Cortex®-M4 Microcontroller

MAX32660 Arm® Cortex®-M4 Microcontroller is designed for battery-powered devices and wearable wireless sensors.

IoT solutions require advanced communication platforms and cloud solutions that facilitate seamless integration of devices, networks, gateways, sensors, applications and services. To protect data and prevent exposure to potential vulnerabilities, hacking and other breaches, consider these products for your next design.

D28C36 Authenticator

DS28C36 DeepCover® Secure Authenticator provides a core set of cryptographic tools derived from integrated asymmetric (ECC-P256) and symmetric (SHA-256) security functions.

MAXREFDES155 DeepCover Security Reference Design

MAXREFDES155 DeepCover Embedded Security Reference Design is an internet-of-things (IoT) embedded-security reference design.

As IoT applications proliferate, sensors are taking on an important role — precisely detecting or measuring a physical quality and enumerating it into a value that can be read by a user or another device. These products will help to make sense of it all.

MAX12900 Sensor Transmitter AFE

MAX12900 Sensor Transmitter Analog Front-End (AFE) is an ultra-low-power, highly integrated AFE for a 4–20mA sensor transmitter.

MAX30001 Biopotential Analog Front-End (AFE) Solution

MAX30001 Biopotential Analog Front-End (AFE) Solution is a complete, biopotential and bioimpedance (BioZ) AFE solution ideal for wearable applications.