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Bench Talk for Design Engineers

Bench Talk


Bench Talk for Design Engineers | The Official Blog of Mouser Electronics

After completing his studies in electrical engineering, Jon Gabay has worked with defense, commercial, industrial, consumer, energy, and medical companies as a design engineer, firmware coder, system designer, research scientist, and product developer. As an alternative energy researcher and inventor, he has been involved with automation technology since he founded and ran Dedicated Devices Corp. up until 2004. Since then, he has been doing research and development, writing articles, and developing technologies for next-generation engineers and students.

Is Spatial Audio Making Headway? Jon Gabay
Audiophiles take extreme measures to optimize and perfect their listening experiences. What's loved by one generation is old school to the next. With a lot of technical advances having had their moment, only to fade into obscurity, how and where will spatial audio thrive?

Developing Haptic Systems Jon Gabay
Haptics is an emerging technology that can enhance the computer user interface for humans by providing touch and feel sensations. To fully realize haptic technology's benefits, with its applications for gaming, industrial, medical, and machine control, developing haptic design techniques is key.

7 Ways AI Revolutionizes Data Centers Jon Gabay
AI displays its prowess as it emerges into many disciplines. One potentially important area is the data center. AI’s learned behaviors and patterns can help manage data center scheduling, throughput, and energy usage while providing a potentially higher level of security and threat mitigation.

MIMO Optical Communications Breaks New Ground Jon Gabay
While RF communications systems are very effective in allowing our devices to communicate and network, RF is not the only way. Low-cost LED-based multiple wavelength light-based communications are immune to RF noise and achieve good short-haul line-of-sight data rates by passing parallel data.

Entangled Modem Could Eliminate Communications Latency Jon Gabay
Quantum effects are used in our everyday lives. From disk drive heads to memory chips, without quantum understanding, we would not be at today’s level of technology. The goal of modems using entangled particles trapped in a silicon cell with room-temperature superconductors is to create a real-time communications link.

Simplify Mixed Signal Design Testing Jon Gabay
Discover how the evolution of test and measurement tools is reshaping the landscape of mixed-signal designs, navigating the debate between all-in-one and modular tools, and revealing the transformative power of modern embedded systems.

Does Reliable Mean Repairable? Jon Gabay
To ensure maximum reliability and safety, engineers should consider repairability alongside screening levels when selecting high-reliability electronic components. Factors such as criticality of the system, environmental factors, and cost should be taken into account.

An Engineer's Primer: Designing AI Systems Jon Gabay
AI poses design challenges to engineers classically trained in analog and digital logic design. Fortunately, there are devices, libraries, education, and dev kits to help accelerate the learning curve. Learn more about the types of AI learning, where new AI design differs from classic techniques, and how to accelerate your designs.

MaaS: New Tech Challenges Jon Gabay
Mobility as a Service (MaaS) wants to eliminate internal combustion engines and reduce the number of privately owned vehicles. There are many environmental benefits to this idea if done right. We are at a point now where we can solve the tech problems efficiently.

Depth Sensors Visualize Volumes Jon Gabay
Many new machines and robots will be able to take advantage of modular 3-D sensing and measurement thanks to the recent Analog Devices’ Time of Flight development kit. As a reference design or an OEM module, volumetric sensing just got easier.

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